07, September 2014

Wanting to integrate their intranet news with school notices and announcements the St Mary's Bay college found the single solution in Ngage's Aerva Digital Signage system.

The College's requirement for flexibility and ease of use as well as ongoing support and development lead them to choose Ngage as their Digital Signage service provider. St Mary's four screen campus network is linked to a cloud based management system allowing staff to update content from any pc, anywhere. Ngage's solutiuon enables the use of a wide range of content types from images and videos to live updates and interactive.

Additionally the College wanted to integrate their existing intranet RSS news service with the Digital Signage solution, something Ngage were able to do using Aerva's RSS newsreader. The result is a rich combination of news, information and entertainment with the visibility and reach that only Digital Signage provides.