Case Study: Trust Liquor

Independent Liquor is a New Zealand alcohol company that recently invested in an established craft beer brand – Founders Beer. They were looking to raise the profile and increase sales of this product.


To drive sales through point of purchase reminder and build brand awareness.


Independent Liquor utilised Ngage Media’s in-store digital media network to facilitate a campaign that would raise awareness of the Founders Beer brand. Drawing upon the expertise of Ngage Media, who manage the network, they utilised screens at the point of purchase in all their Trust Liquor locations.

Ngage Media’s software product Aerva ran the campaign. They also took over management of Trust Liquor’s existing digital signage system and managed the switch of the network to Aerva. This web-based signage platform allows for real-time data feeds and supports the use of many different media options, video, audio, images, Flash files and more. In this case the brand billboard creative was animated by Ngage media to create a dynamic display.

The NZ Liquor laws are changing shortly and this means there will be less opportunity for alcohol to be promoted outside of the liquor store. Accordingly, alcohol brands have been refocusing where they put their budgets. Digital in-store screens such as those provided by Ngage Media are excellent means by which to reach consumers at the point of purchase.

Over two weeks in August 2013, the screens displayed animated images and information about the six Founders beers on sale; Founders 1854 Porter, Founders 1903 Red, Founders 1921 Stout, Founders 1946 Pilsner, Founders 1981 Pale Ale, and Founders 2009 IPA.


Trust Liquor reported dramatic results over the period of the campaign, with sale results rising 56% compared to the period prior, as a result of advertising on the digital screens.

This rise in in sales reports were reported across all products with the range, with Founders 1854 and Porter and Founders 1964 Pilsner experiencing a 66% increase in sales across all stores, while Pale Ale increased 38%.

Ngage Media allows brands to create touch points on the path to purchase, right up to the moment of truth to drive sales.