Case Study: Snakk Media

Snakk Media offers advertisers a network of channels and technology that allows them to target and connect to consumers through smartphones and tablets. The company listed on the NZX Alternative Market (NZAX) “to faciliate Snakk’s growth through future capital raising initiatives” and Ngage was on board as technology partner. 

The event held at trendy pop up bar The Hamptons, in Auckland, was a media frenzy with huge interest around Derek Handley's latest offering. Ngage provided two huge LED screens for the event which created a digital backdrop for speeches, and a medium to provide more information on the Snakk Media initiative. Demand for screens at events is rising, as people realise the impact that they can create. 

Finishing off the formal proceedings, no NZX launch would be complete without a video of support from Sir Richard Branson. In true Branson style the video was recorded via his iPhone while on his private island retreat.