Case Study: ngConnect

ngConnect is an Alcatel Lucent shoot off that drives innovation. The program brings together global leaders in next generation ideas in an environment designed to overcome any barriers to success. ngConnect has partnered with Chorus to bring to life Chorus Labs - an innovation showcase and venue for the latest and greatest in technology and innovation. Ngage is an ngConnect member and we were lucky enough to be asked to create a digital display for the Lab in Auckland and Wellington.

Ngage created a touchscreen kiosk to display the latest in retail innovation to the diverse audience that passes through the lab on a daily basis. The beauty of the kiosk is that a library of apps and content can be built up and chosen targeted appropriately to the audience for the day.

The iStore app which features on the 22” touch kiosk utilises multiple technologies to give consumers a slick online experience in-store. The app showcases a catalogue of fashion items, and users can browse through the look book and select items they would like to see more detail. Video clips are integrated into this to give a real life view of how the clothing looks on the model. If the kiosk was in a real store directions to the location of the clothing would also be included which is extremely helpful in a large department store where shoppers struggle to find specific items across multiple floors.

The option to purchase directly from the kiosk is big on convenience, saving shoppers time and effort. By swiping on the QR Code for iPhone or tapping the NFC tag for Android the shopper is taken to a micro site on their phone where they can complete the transaction and choose to pick up or have the item shipped to them.

In addition to the kiosk, Ngage’s software platform Aerva was also chosen to run the ngConnect program screens in the lab. It was chosen for its simplicity, scalability and ability to integrate with other platforms such as social media.