Case Study: Coke Digital Vending Machine

The addition of screens to the new QuickTap vending machines create a truly digital experience.

Vending machine revenue has been steadily declining over time as people don’t often carry coins or cash.


Coke wanted to sustain the business model by leveraging their existing fleet and identified digital as a key trend for the business to help them get online and inline with consumers purchasing behaviour.


They developed Quicktap, a convenient and easy way to prepay at the new “Smart” vending machines using your smart phone. The new vending machines are RFID and QR code enabled to interact with smartphones and receive payment from a consumers pre-payed account. Coke have experienced hugely positive results from their initial launch and as part of this Ngage helped Coke to create a truly digital experience by creating a vending machine with a digital screen embedded into a header card that fits onto an existing machine to replace printed banners.


Coke have also identified that their vending machines act as a mini billboard site for promoting their own messages and understand that moving images are 7 times more effective than still images. The digital screens allow simple animations to be brought to life to capture the attention of passerbys where they may not have previously paid any attention. This in turn results in uplift of sales and revenue at digital vending machines simply through the use of eye catching creative.

Coke have also used their Quicktap payment system to create sponsored promotions and exclusive money can’t buy competitions for consumers. The digital screens are an effective way of communicating these messages across a geographically spread out medium and Ngage would look to integrate personalised messages and greater mobile interactivity in the future.