Case Study: Avis/Budget Group Network

Avis/Budget Group Network used screens at their counters to increase sales and improve all-round customer experience.

Avis/Budget Group Network sought to install informative displays at their counters throughout New Zealand. The aim was to feature dynamic signage solutions that increased sales at the counter and improved all-round customer experience.


To facilitate a high level of customer satisfaction and increase counter sales at all Avis/Budget locations through effective visual displays at outlets nationwide.


In the highly competitive rental car market, growing and maintaining market share is vital. The Avis/ Budget Group Network (one of New Zealand’s most well-known and respected rental car companies) looked to retain their strong position in the market by engaging with current and potential customers through dynamic on-site displays.
The company worked with digital signage specialists Ngage Media to develop displays

that had strong visual appeal, which attracted passerbys, and met the needs of customers. Using Aerva software (a specialised web-based digital signage platform for which Ngage holds the license) Avis/Budget launched the screens at key airport sites.

On screens located behind the counters information about promotions and specials was displayed. The network content was scheduled and controlled at head office; the Aerva software enables users to programme, develop and change displays at the touch of a finger.

Network security was a key consideration for Avis/Budget. Aerva software utilises industry- standard encryption technology, whereby data being transmitted is encrypted through SSL; this means external users cannot access the network. Additionally the company was looking for a digital platform that could power a nationwide network, which the Aerva system also offered.


The displays have proven very effective for Avis/Budget Group Network. They have reduced queue waiting times by providing information about special offers and promotions that would otherwise have been explained by counter staff. They have also helped increase the level of counter sales. By using Aerva-powered digital displays the company is also able to reduce the cost of print advertising and promotions, and alleviate issues that exist around signage compliance.