Case Study: ANZ iSite

ANZ use digital screens to create impact at Wellington Airport.

Wellington iSite were looking to create a campaign that would raise awareness of ANZ’s new phone banking app. ANZ has recently amalgamated with National Bank, and this new app will be of use to the large amount of existing and new ANZ customers who use smart phones.


To inform the public of ANZ’s new phone app, and increase the amount of app downloads.


When it comes to marketing apps, it’s important to understand your target market. Smart phone users are digitally savvy and demand a high level of functionality and sophistication in their apps, so marketing campaigns around them need to be clever, current and relevant.
Wellington iSite were charged with facilitating such a campaign for ANZ’s new banking app. One of the key components of this was excellent visuals. Wellington iSite employed the services of digital signage specialists Ngage Media to create a digital display that would give the campaign real cut through, and allow the public to engage with the product in an innovative manner.

Ngage Media holds the rights for Aerva software, an extremely versatile, user-friendly, web-based platform that supports a wide range of media options. This software provided the opportunity to create a visual display that was eye-catching and up-to-the-minute; an excellent way to showcase a high-end technology-based product.

The Aerva-powered digital display appears on two screens, which are placed on a large banner and look like the front of a smart phone. Information about the app is displayed on the “phones”; it’s a clever, attractive display that’s proven very effective when engaging the public. Ngage Media provided both the software and the hardware for this campaign, and have worked with many other client’s to create similarly affective digital displays.


The ANZ banking app campaign was the first campaign planned for the Wellington Airport site and proved to be very successful. Following this Ngage created a local weather app campaign for ANZ to reinforce that they operate at a truly local level. Ngage created the weather app to show
a 3 day forecast for main centres across NZ allowing passengers to keep up to date with the weather around the country no matter where
they were going.